Understand Your Detractors

Most Net Promoter Score engagements offer an open-ended question asking, basically, why did you rate us that way? Surely that is a great start to understand the consumer experience at a moment in time. It gives you the opportunity to improve the experience of NPS detractors, but it gives you no sense of a customer’s larger needs, historical experiences, and overall relationship with your company.

NPS detractors are the focus of many of our clients – and they should be.

Something about your company is not working for your customer if they are unlikely to recommend you to a colleague or friend. We can help you understand what is not working and then provide you with a range of recommendations to make sure that your customers are promoters and helping your brand.

Your NPS detractors are bringing down your overall Net Promoter Score but you can improve their negative experience. First you have to understand it. Here is what we help you understand:
  • How, specifically, did their experience with you result in a low Net Promoter Score?
  • What expectations did they have in interacting with your company? Which of those expectations were not met, resulting in their low Net Promoter Score? 
  • What expectations were met? What did you do well for them?
  • What have they done since that negative interaction? Did they find a competing product or service?
  • After giving you a low Net Promoter Ccore, do your NPS detractors then actively work against your company and its goals? What can you do to minimize those actions?
  • How likely is it that your NPS detractors will continue to consider a relationship with your company?
  • What actions can you take to turn NPS detractors into passives or, ideally, promoters?

Understand Your Promoters

As your NPS score takes a dip, it’s easy to get lost in the rush to understand customer challenges from the detractor view. Yet often, your promoters have the answers you need.