Clients and Pricing

Smart Advisor

When the client-provided NPS survey questions and findings revealed a lower than desired NPS rating, we developed a deeper set of questions and conducted research interviews with detractors to understand why they became lapsed customers of this online financial services company. We identified challenges in messaging and understandings of the service to help Smart Advisor set clear expectations with new investors and partners.

The Cable Center

Understanding how The Cable Center’s constituents talk about the organization (the language they use, not just the scores they give), helped us identify opportunity areas for the organization to move forward with a 20-year plan that built on the strengths its promoters identified and veered from the pitfalls detractors identified.

Polis for Colorado

Each poll the Polis gubernatorial campaign ran included an NPS question – “If the election were held today, how likely are you to vote for Jared Polis for governor?” We conducted a series of focus groups to understand promoters, detractors, and passives to support the campaign in developing messaging platforms to increase the likelihood of voting for Polis. Jared Polis was inaugurated as the Governor of Colorado on January 8, 2019.


We have worked with Legrand’s adorne line of switches, dimmers, and outlets to understand customer behavior for several years. In the CPG space, detractors pose a complex challenge – as a manufacturer you often cannot capture the reasons detractors return products to third-party vendors. To combat this, we’ve studied consumers shopping for, ordering/buying, and installing adorne to capture the pain points in the product experience firsthand. Continued customer engagement, both through NPS inspired inquiry and related qualitative engagements, helped adorne get through the growing pains and grow to almost $20M in annual sales.

Henry’s Hard Soda/Hard Sparking

With beer sales flat and many of their flagship brands facing a falling NPS rating, MillerCoors needed to understand why beer detractors were looking for other options. Building from beer drinkers who gave MillerCoors a negative NPS rating and whose consumption of mainstream brands was declining, we developed robust profiles to recruit these participants to in-person and online interactions. This work resulted in the identification of an opportunity in the hard soda and hard seltzer space, then a very small and very regional category. Henry’s Hard Soda and Henry’s Hard Sparkling were introduced in 2016 and 2017, respectively, and are now among the fastest growing brands in the category.

What does it cost?

While each project and NPS challenge is unique, our approach can be pretty consistent; we’re happy to give you a ballpark figure based on some of the projects you’ve just read about.

For sample projects like Smart Asset and The Cable Center, listed above, we developed a quick NPS survey, recruited participants for 15-18 online interviews and completed our analysis, including five recommendation or opportunity areas, for a total budget of around $45-50K.