NPS promoters

Understand Your Promoters

As your NPS score takes a dip, it’s easy to get lost in the rush to understand customer challenges from the detractor view. Yet often, your promoters have the answers you need.

Your promoters are your evangelists.

They’re typically less fickle than your passives and detractors. They’re more likely to stick with you through the bumps and growing pains. They believe in you. They are also fully aware of the changes everyone along the Net Promoter Score scale is experiencing in your products and services.

Your NPS promoters are also a step away from passivity and, ultimately, detraction. Here’s what we can help you learn from them:
  • What keeps promoters engaged with you?
  • What are promoters trying to achieve with your products and services?
  • What have you promised promoters that you may not be delivering?
  • What trends are customers experiencing with you that concern them?
  • What actions are promoters taking on behalf of your company?
  • What keeps customers from taking action on behalf of your company even if they are extremely likely to recommend you to a colleague or friend?
  • What would make promoters abandon you, and how close to that point are they?
  • How could you improve your products or services for all your customers?

In short, you need to have open and honest conversations with your NPS promoters that will give you insights into their customer journey and any pitfalls that would cause you to lose them and fall further down the Net Promoter Score scale. 

We know that goes against the grain – conventional wisdom tells you not to offer opportunity for a promoter to criticize you. For us, however, your promoters offer valuable insight into what you’re doing right, AND what you’re doing wrong, so you can improve your NPS score by turning even promoters into active champions for your company. 

Once we identify the gaps between customer goals, expectations, and experiences, we’ll help you identify the strategies and tactics needed to reverse your declining NPS score.

NPS detractors

Understand Your Detractors

Most Net Promoter Score engagements offer an open-ended question asking, basically, why did you rate us that way? Surely that is a great start to understand the consumer experience at a moment in time. It gives you the opportunity to improve the experience of NPS detractors, but it gives you no sense of a customer’s larger needs, historical experiences, and overall relationship with your company.